The International Christian School Hong Kong Discriminates against Sexual Minority Employees

LGBT Organizations continue to receive Complaints of SOGI discrimination. In 2013, a government-registered private school demanded that their teachers and staff agree, sign and submit a document called “Standards of Biblical Ethics and Integrity” which listed “homosexuality, transvestitism, alternate gender identity” are “improper behavioral choices of individuals while working” with the school. It stated clearly that the failure to comply would “carry consequences that may involve disciplinary action, employment termination”. In the handling of this matter, the Education Bureau simply reminded the school to “follow the good practices set out in the Code of Practice against Discrimination in Employment on the Ground of Sexual Orientation”.


      2013年,基督教國際學校 (International Christian School Hong Kong)(ICS) 校長向教師及全校職員發出《聖經倫理和品格標準》 (Standards of Biblical Ethics & Integrity) 聲明書,要求同事閱讀、同意恪守(agree to abide by its precepts)、簽署和繳交,承諾遵守有關標準。

      根據聲明書,基督教國際學校要求員工不論在校園內外,都需在個人禮儀、行為上做到性純潔,親密性行為不可以在一男一女婚姻之外發生 (intimate sexual activity is exclusively part of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman)。聲明書列明「從事任何形式的同性戀、易服、另類性別認同(homosexuality, transvestitism, alternate gender identity)等違反《聖經》式性純潔、一男一女婚姻盟約」的行為都是違反此倫理標準的。

      聲明清楚寫著這些員工「個人的不適當行為選擇」(improper behavioral choices of individuals while working at ICS) 「後果包括紀律處分、終止聘用等」(carry consequences that may involve disciplinary action, employment termination...)。


  1. 香港教育局發出信件之後,結果和反應如何?
  2. 香港政府是否已經終止跟進此歧視事件?
  3. 如果香港政府仍未終止此歧視事件,香港政府下一步的行動是什麼?
  4. 如果香港政府仍在跟進此歧視事件,香港政府有否期望達成的目標?該目標又是什麼?

For original texts, please see the attachments:
Letter from ICS Headmaster.pdf [download]
Form – Standards of Biblical Ethics & Integrity.pdf [download]

Response by Education Bureau, Hong Kong

一些新聞報導: (Several news reports (In Chinese only))
明報:基督教國際校涉禁教師同性戀 20140124.pdf [download]
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明報:同性戀教師「夫婦」20140124.pdf [download]